Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Ultimate Tool for Chemical Production

“A Computrac® is to the chemicals industry, like a hammer is to carpentry.”

Computrac® instrumentation, manufactured by AZI, can be used to analyze the amount of moisture in a substance, evaluate the concentration of a complex chemical sample, and decipher that chemical’s composition.

In the production of chemicals, the composition of the final solution must be accounted for. Computrac® Instrumentation, with their graphic displays, are essential for mapping the loss of moisture at changing temperatures to ascertain the levels of different chemicals within a product. With extra abilities like the high start feature, the Computrac® moisture analyzer can test the effectiveness of past methods for moisture analysis. Often AZI’s instrumentation has proven the unreliability of oven tests previously being used in companies. After these manufacturers were made aware of the flaws in their testing, they were able to vastly improve their company’s methods and product. Read more

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