Thursday, May 6, 2010

Why AZI?

Arizona Instrument LLC is the exclusive manufacturer of the Computrac line of Moisture/Solids/Ash Analyzers and Jerome line of Toxic Gas Analyzers.

But why AZI?
AZI (Arizona Instrument LLC) is dedicated to a quality product, and delivering it operating under the highest standard of customer service. Our customers are the most important thing to this company. We ensure that our products provide the best possible solution for customer needs.

Further, we manufacture our products from 1 single location in Arizona. We have distributors available to handle international sales, but our products are Made in the USA.

Our products are so reliable, that we offer free sample testing and free trials just to prove it to you prior to purchase. Our full service lab is standing by, ready to assist in any sample questions you might have.

Our superior products and level of customer service are unmatched across the industries we service: including, but not limited to, foods, pharmaceuticals, petroleum, chemicals, gypsum, paints and coatings, etc.

Call today to find out more about how Arizona Instrument can help your company!

Rick Ervin, Director of Sales
Arizona Instrument LLC, Chandler, Arizona
800.528.7411 602.470.1414