Friday, February 27, 2009

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We are trying to reach out to our customers and gather information on how you come in contact with us. We are looking for ways to improve our availability to you, and provide solutions in the smoothest possible way for you.

In return for providing answers to these few short questions and your contact information, we will enter you in a drawing for a $25 AMERICAN EXPRESS Gift Card.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Customer Q & A

I noticed you mentioned something on your blog that said that if a customer has a consistant result and if they have an moisture result a little lower or a little higher it is okay. Is there a maximum number they should not go over or under?

There really isn't a specific number to go higher or lower than for this, but considering that most mills want to stay below 1% ash and the difference between Premium and Super Premium is only 0.5% I would not recommend making adjustments for anything more than 0.1 - 0.2%. This approach works if you have a directional bias in your process that is consistent. You would ultimately use a correction factor to adjust for the bias.
-Garrett Rowe, Lab Manager

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Moisture Specific Karl Fischer Alternative

Computrac® Vapor Pro®
Computrac® MAX® 4000XL

Contact Scott Gifford today to trial a Vapor Pro® or MAX® 4000XL. We offer free method development with the purchase of any instrument, and will personally assist you with your parameter sets, test results and anything else you need to keep manufacturing up and running.

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Moisture Specific Karl Fischer Alternative

Computrac® Vapor Pro® Rx
Moisture Analyzer

No toxic reagents or specialized glassware
Maintains sample integrity
Accepts multiple vial sizes

Designed to test lyophilized materials!

Call Rick Ervin for more information!
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Free trials
Free method development over the lifetime of the instrument
24 hour customer support

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Training Schedules are now online!

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Meet the Lab Team!

Pictured from left to right:
Manuel Oropeza, Kathy Greilich, James Moore, Garrett Rowe

Don't take chances when it comes to lab safety!

From the first moment I stepped into my first chemistry laboratory setting as a sophomore in high school, lab safety dogma has been drilled into me daily. Safety glasses and a lab coat were mandatory apparel. Wear it or go home, there were no compromises.

Wearing a seatbelt can seem like an annoyance if you haven't been in an accident in fifteen years, just like wearing personal protective equipment can feel burdensome to the professional lab technician. An "I know what I'm doing" attitude can lull even the most intelligent chemist into complacence. One minor transgression without consequence gives way to more and more until all those safety rules that were once ingrained are nothing more than a soft whisper in the back of your mind. And just like that with not wearing a seatbelt, a split second is all it takes to be reminded of the error of your ways.

The result of that lapse could be as small as a minor burn, or as major as a loss of sight, or worse. Managers owe it to those in their employ to make safety a top priority, and technicians who are in the lab every day owe it to themselves and their loved ones to take the extra time and effort to ensure that when their workday has ended, they can hop in their vehicles and head home intact.

And since the hazards of the world don't end at 5PM, don't forget to wear that seatbelt.

-Garrett Rowe, Lab Manager

Computrac® Vapor Pro® Rx

The Computrac® Vapor Pro® Rx moisture analyzer accurately measures moisture levels in lyophilized materials without contamination from atmospheric humidity. The Rx maintains sealed vial integrity and features a sealed flow-path that purges the system with dry nitrogen between tests.

In addition, the moisture-specific sensor detects moisture levels as low as 100 ppm, displaying results in just a few minutes. Simple and easy to operate, with no toxic reagents or specialized glassware, the Rx is suitable for both production and laboratory environments.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What is the difference between: as received, moisture free and moisture & ash?

The Computrac® MAX® 5000 can analyze ash content on an "as received" or a dry basis, depending on the customer's need. Analysis on a dry basis says more about the intrinsic properties of the wood pellet. Analysis on an "as received basis" speaks more to the current state of the wood pellet.

For example, say you have three piles of identical pellets. You allow one to sit out in the rain, allow one to sit out in the hot Arizona sun, and keep the third in a climate controlled storage space. The "as received" ash values will be different for all three, since the moisture in the pellets figuresinto that result. However the dry basis ash content should still be the same for all three samples since but for the differences in moisture, we still have identical pellets.


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Monday, February 2, 2009

Moisture Analyzers from Arizona Instrument

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Computrac® Moisture Analyzers from Arizona Instrument are classic examples of value products. With their rugged package, really easy operation, reliable data, and real people supporting you, the Computrac® Moisture Analyzer you choose will bring value to your product and your process.
Whether it’s the MAX® family of rapid loss on heating analyzers or the Vapor Pro® Moisture specific, Karl Fischer replacement technology, the Computrac® family of analyzers provide analytical quality data in a rugged process worthy package. It is common for Computrac® analyzers to be in service for 10, 15 and even 20 years.
Really easy use through instrument directed instructional prompts allows the Computrac® analyzers to be positioned on the busy process floor with the assurance of consistent, reproducible operation.
The data from the Computrac® analyzers not only matches classic reference values but also provide the highest level of repeatability and precision available. This means that you can rely on the data for making critical process monitoring decisions, over and over and over again.
The ultimate value in the Computrac® analyzers is the ‘real people’ behind the product. From the assembly floor’s initial quality through sales and the application lab’s fulfillment of your analytical and performance needs to customer support and instrument service dedication to your successful operation, every Computrac® analyzer is a source of value in a world of mediocrity.
If you require an analyzer this year for moisture, solids, LOI or ash determination or if you want to avoid the wet chemical reagents of Karl Fischer determination, put one of the high value Computrac® analyzers on the top of your list. If you value your money and want to both save it and grow it, a Computrac® analyzer from Arizona Instrument is the best tool to accomplish the job.

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