Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What is the difference between: as received, moisture free and moisture & ash?

The Computrac® MAX® 5000 can analyze ash content on an "as received" or a dry basis, depending on the customer's need. Analysis on a dry basis says more about the intrinsic properties of the wood pellet. Analysis on an "as received basis" speaks more to the current state of the wood pellet.

For example, say you have three piles of identical pellets. You allow one to sit out in the rain, allow one to sit out in the hot Arizona sun, and keep the third in a climate controlled storage space. The "as received" ash values will be different for all three, since the moisture in the pellets figuresinto that result. However the dry basis ash content should still be the same for all three samples since but for the differences in moisture, we still have identical pellets.


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