Monday, February 2, 2009

Moisture Analyzers from Arizona Instrument

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Computrac® Moisture Analyzers from Arizona Instrument are classic examples of value products. With their rugged package, really easy operation, reliable data, and real people supporting you, the Computrac® Moisture Analyzer you choose will bring value to your product and your process.
Whether it’s the MAX® family of rapid loss on heating analyzers or the Vapor Pro® Moisture specific, Karl Fischer replacement technology, the Computrac® family of analyzers provide analytical quality data in a rugged process worthy package. It is common for Computrac® analyzers to be in service for 10, 15 and even 20 years.
Really easy use through instrument directed instructional prompts allows the Computrac® analyzers to be positioned on the busy process floor with the assurance of consistent, reproducible operation.
The data from the Computrac® analyzers not only matches classic reference values but also provide the highest level of repeatability and precision available. This means that you can rely on the data for making critical process monitoring decisions, over and over and over again.
The ultimate value in the Computrac® analyzers is the ‘real people’ behind the product. From the assembly floor’s initial quality through sales and the application lab’s fulfillment of your analytical and performance needs to customer support and instrument service dedication to your successful operation, every Computrac® analyzer is a source of value in a world of mediocrity.
If you require an analyzer this year for moisture, solids, LOI or ash determination or if you want to avoid the wet chemical reagents of Karl Fischer determination, put one of the high value Computrac® analyzers on the top of your list. If you value your money and want to both save it and grow it, a Computrac® analyzer from Arizona Instrument is the best tool to accomplish the job.

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