Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Control Your Quality by Managing Moisture

Successfully casting plastic requires the right amount of moisture for all grades of plastic being manufactured. Excess moisture in and around the plastic pellets can weaken the structural integrity of the plastic, cause clear plastics to become cloudy, and hurt the finish of the product. On the other hand too little moisture can cause the product to be brittle and prone to cracking. Quality material cannot be produced without the right amount of moisture. Moisture isn't just a headache for quality control at a company; it also raises production costs and can slow down the process. Dryers are commonly employed at plastic manufacturers to decrease the moisture in the pellets, but without a way to test a sample from the dryer, casting becomes a costly process of trial and error.

Arizona Instrument LLC is the manufacturer of Computrac® Moisture Analyzers, the answer to your plastic problems. These instruments can determine the amount of moisture in your plastics before they are cast. A Computrac® will test your sample in minutes instead of the hours that the traditional methods require and give you the information you need to make a decision. This speed and accuracy makes a Computrac® perfect for the plastic resin industry.
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