Monday, April 20, 2009

Don't Guess - MEASURE!

Manage your moisture and solids to save time and money.

Levels of moisture and solids in paints and inks greatly influence the quality of the final product. Too much moisture in paint will damage its adhesive quality, while too little can lead to a liquid that is too thick to apply effectively. Similarly, solids directly affect the appearance and viscosity. Production methods and the environment can cause these properties to change on a daily basis. In order to maintain a reliable product, testing should be conducted regularly.

Arizona Instrument is the manufacturer and supplier of the Computrac MAX® 2000, MAX® 4000XL, MAX® 5000, and the MAX® 5000XL Analyzers. This instrumentation is the leader in all industries for moisture and solids analysis, but Arizona Instrument has created features specifically for the paint and ink industry including syringe tests to eliminate solvent evaporation, foil tests to analyze paint solids, and nitrogen purge to eliminate flashing commonly caused by volatiles in samples.

Computrac® Moisture/Solids Analyzers are faster, more accurate, and safer than the alternatives. Computrac® Moisture Analyzers process a sample in minutes instead of the hours traditional methods require, so you can test more samples without slowing down production. The Computrac® design completely encloses the sample for minimal environmental interference with the sample, reducing error in the test. Sturdy materials and heavy insulation protect the user and the environment from the heat of the test. These instruments are designed for ease of use, so you don’t need to be a chemist to run a test. Also, Computrac® Moisture Analyzers are the ASTM for rapid determination of the nonvolatile content of coatings by loss in weight. This method has been through rigorous testing and has been adopted as the standard because of its reliability and speed.

Computrac® instrumentation, manufactured by Arizona Instrument, is easy to use and programmable, which means you can spend less time testing and more time producing. Arizona Instrument has multiple products to meet the specific needs of the customer. The Computrac® MAX® 2000XL, MAX® 4000, MAX® 5000 and 5000XL are available to meet your moisture/solids analysis needs.

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