Thursday, April 23, 2009

Moisture Analysis for Paper Production

When manufacturing paper and paper products moisture content is a crucial component of the final product. Moisture helps bind the fibers together; too little moisture will result in poor structural integrity, but if you have too much moisture, your paper will become wavy and be prone to discoloration. The production process and the environment can cause the level of moisture to change from day to day. Because of this volatility and the importance of moisture in the fianl product, testing should be conducted to ensure quality.

Arizona Instrument LLC is the exclusive manufacturer of the Computrac® Moisture Analysis Instrumentation, the leader in moisture/solids analysis. Computrac® Moisture Analyzers are at the cutting edge for testing moisture within a sample. Computrac® Moisture Analyzers process samples in minutes, while other methods take hours. This speed is teamed up with a durable exterior, to make a Computrac® Moisture Analyzer perfect for the production floor. With a Computrac® Moisture Analyzer testing samples throughout the manufacturing process, you can minimize the need for quality control, saving time and money.

Another feature that makes Computrac® Moisture Analysis Instrumentation particularly useful for the paper industry is ash analysis. The MAX® 5000 can heat a sample up to 600°C and ignite it. The left over ash is used to measure the amount of fiber content in the material. The sealed testing component and heavy insulation protects the user from the heat. Computrac® Moisture Analyzers are designed to serve the user; they are easy to use and have many convenience features. For example, the MAX® 5000 will store data from the last 1000 tests and graph from the alst 100 tests.

Computrac® Moisture Analysis instrumentation; manufactured by Arizona Instrument LLC, is easy to use and programmable, which means you can spend less time testing and more time producing. Arizona Instrument LLC has multiple products with differing features. The Computrac® MAX® 2000XL, MAX® 4000XL, MAX® 5000 and 5000XL are available to meet your moisture/solids analysis needs.

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