Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Account for Moisture or be Accountable

From raw materials to the finished product, Computrac® Moisture Analyzers are the instruments to guarantee quality and speed in production.

In the pharmaceutical industry the highest standard of quality is required by the government and customers. When there is a small mistake in the production of pharmaceuticals it turns into a big problem for that company. The strict nature of this industry demands constant testing of products to meet expectations. Moisture must be managed and the ingredients in any drug must be accounted for. Computrac® moisture analyzers, manufactured by Arizona Instrument, are the best tools to meet these needs.
Computrac® instrumentation is used throughout the pharmaceutical industry, because of its speed, reliability, and ease of use. When it comes to moisture analysis, Computrac® analyzers run tests in minutes instead of the hours that traditional methods require. This speed makes testing during manufacturing possible without slowing down the process. The strength of a Computrac® is evident when it is used daily on production floors and its reliability doesn’t waiver. All of our instruments are designed to be operated by anyone; no chemistry degree is required. LCD screens and built in statistical analysis only make testing easier and faster.
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