Friday, April 17, 2009

History of the Vapor Pro®

The environmentally green Computrac® Vapor Pro® moisture analyzer was built at our facility in Tempe, AZ. Originally named the Computrac® CT-3000 in 1997, it was developed to answer the need and demand of our customers to provide an alternative to antiquated methods that were not eco friendly.

Our customers wanted something simple to setup, easy to use, reliable, and of utmost importance comparable to Karl Fischer titration with respect to precision and repeatability. It can even be used under ASTM D7191-05 for Determination of Moisture in Plastics by Relative Humidity Sensor.Its theory of operation is simple. You weigh a sample, tell the instrument the weight of that sample and the instrument does the rest. The sample is heated; water and volatiles evolve from the sample. As the moist air from the sample makes its way through the instrument manifold, a polymer capacitance sensor (fancy name for a RH humidity sensor) "counts" the water molecules by monitoring the change in resistance of the sensor as the moist air passes over it. Non-water molecules are ignored. The mass of water is compared to the original weight of the sample and a percent moisture or ppm of moisture is calculated. (ex. 100 micrograms H2O/1 gram sample x 100 = 0.0100% H2O)With the increasing success of the instrument, the most current version of the instrument was released in 2003.

The Vapor Pro® Linear (CT-3100-L). Linearization of the sensor assembly which represents the heart of the instrument provides precision and repeatability that often surpasses that of the Karl Fischer. Another advantage of the Vapor Pro® is the lack of interferences. The Vapor Pro® uses zero chemicals! Not even Pentaoxide, as used by some of our competitors that claim to use no chemicals. No other water specific analyzer we are aware of can truthfully claim, zero chemicals.As the manufacturer of the Vapor Pro® we have continued to revise and improve the instrument by listening to the Plastics Industry (our customers).

If you find yourself wondering how this instrument can help in your drying and processing procedures or you just want to see what the buzz is about, please contact us for a FREE TRIAL instrument!

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