Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Computrac® MAX® 5000XL

Weight Test
To ensure proper calibration and become familiar with the instrument, run a weight test. This test simulates moisture loss by the removal of one of two known weights. Both a three and a five gram weight are required.

• Ensure that a clean, dry, empty sample pan is placed on the pan support.
• From the Main Test Screen, press
• If the highlight bar is not already there, highlight (Factory) WEIGHT and press
• One of several prompts may appear depending on the last measured weight. Follow the instructions given until the "OPEN LID" "ADD SAMPLE..." prompt appears on the screen. Open the lid and carefully place both the 5 gram and the 3 gram weights near the center of the sample pan.
• Close the lid.
• After the Main Test Screen is displayed, gently open the lid, carefully remove the 3 gram weight, and gently close the lid.
• Wait for the end of the test.
• If this is the first test of the day, discard the results of this test for stability reasons and perform the test again.
• Record the final test result. The value should fall between 37.4800% and 37.5200%.
• If the results are out of tolerance, repeat the balance calibration and weight test. If the result is still out of tolerance, call AZI customer service at 800.528.7411 or 602.470.1414 for assistance.


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