Monday, March 30, 2009

Strive for Perfection

Everyone has to be more in tune to their own production practices if they want to make it in today’s economy. The companies that continue to strive for perfection and offer top of the line quality items while providing the best service money can buy are the companies that will come through this sluggish economy even better than before.

How will companies provide this type of product and service if production and resources are cut? They might just want to look at a faster and more accurate way to test and to determine the solids, moisture or ash content of their products.

In this new millennium, the analytical world of testing is driven by new technologies. Moisture / solids / ash analyzers have come a long way since the 1980s and your production process and laboratory might just need to look at analyzers that will demonstrate no significant differences between vacuum ovens, air ovens, Karl Fischer Titration, muffle furnaces or other methods that are time consuming and labor intensive.

When you are looking for a new method with a moisture analyzer ask the vendor to provide an analysis of data that reveals exactly how accurate and reproducible the equipment is compared to your standard method and products similar to yours. If the consistency of the data displays high repeatability, quick test times and correlates to the standard method, then you owe it to yourself to take a closer look at that equipment.

Our analyzers will provide the best results for you in the least amount of time.

The MAX® 5000XL is the top of the line analyzer for moisture / solids/ purity of gypsum/ ash. All of our data illustrates the test method and the correlation between ASTM, VOC, AOAC, AACC, TAPPI and other standard specifications.

The greatest advantage of using our analyzers is to save you time and resources.

In this day and age, it is time to take human error out of results while reducing man-hours and providing the best quality product to your customer.

The new moisture analyzers make this possible.

-Stephanie Blaha, Senior Account Representative
Computrac® Division
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