Thursday, March 26, 2009

Interphex - New York - March 2009

It was wonderful meeting/seeing those of you that did end up attending the show this year! We enjoyed running tests for you at the show so you could see our instruments in action.

For those of you that did not attend, we ran capillary tests on our Karl Fischer Alternative instrument, the Vapor Pro®. Our capillaries come in various sizes, but the tests we ran were on 1000µg of water.

Our Vapor Pro® Moisture Specific Analyzer is a rugged, easy to use, GREEN alternative to Karl Fischer Titration. It has very low operating cost as the only disposable item on it is the septa at the top of the vial. What we did was filled the capillary which we knew was 1000µg of water (as long as we filled the capillary correctly...this can prove to be tricky and we have contests with each other on who can get closer to 1000), placed it in the vial, sealed the top, placed it on the instrument, pressed start and waited for the result. Within minutes we had our answer! Scott and I are very good at this game, and consistently came within 50µg of spec.

What happens, is the septa in the top of the vial gets pierced with a two way needle upon entry into the instrument. Dry air or nitrogen gas is pushed through one way while ambient air is pushed through the other. The vial is heated and moisture evaporates off over a relative humidity sensor. After a few minutes you have a moisture specific reading.

This instrument can read down to 10ppm of moisture up to 100%. We have 3 different Vapor Pro® Moisture Analyzers - one standard, one specifically for lyophilized materials in the pharmaceutical industry, and one for moisture in oils. We have been in business over 25 years, and are very familiar with most samples across all industries.

We also featured our Computrac® MAX® 4000XL at this show, which is our newly released LOD (Loss on Drying) Moisture/Solids Analyzer. It has 25% faster throughput through use of a cool down fan, and has a color LCD display, and internet capabilites.

-Shari Houtler, Marketing Manager

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