Monday, June 17, 2013

Innoplast's Polymers & Plastics in Medical Devices Product Announcement from Arizona Instrument LLC

Innoplast's Polymers and Plastics in Medical Devices is a place to bring the participants up to speed on the newest trends and technical advances in the field of Medical Devices as it relates to Polymeric Materials. The target audience is Medical Device producers, Molders of Sub-Assemblies, Plastic and Additive suppliers, Equipment and Prototype Designers, Regulatory professionals, Sales, Marketing, and Business Development leaders throughout the entire supply chain of the Health-Care industry. The conference has been structured to provide ample opportunity for networking to encourage the sharing of new ideas and concepts throughout the value chain.

Arizona Instrument will be showcasing our Computrac® Vapor Pro® Green Alternative to Karl Fischer moisture specific analyzer.  It is an ideal choice for companies who want to make quality products as efficiently as possible by saving time and money, improving dryer efficiencies and eliminating costly rework and downtime expenses.  
Many customers are aware that there are only two TRUE moisture specific analyzers on the market today that provide water only results. One of them is the Karl Fischer Titration method, and the other is the Vapor Pro®. If you are currently using the KF method and are interested in reducing chemical usage, then you will find the Vapor Pro® to be a viable alternative.

The Vapor Pro®utilizes Relative Humidity (RH) Sensor Technology which contains a moisture specific sensor, eliminating the toxic reagents and specialized glassware. Laboratory studies have shown the Computrac® Vapor Pro® can accurately determine water concentration with the same level of precision as the Karl Fischer Titration method without using reagents. It has shown significant improvement in ease of use when compared to single sample testing methods common to Karl Fischer analysis. Because the Vapor Pro® can use a Dry Air Generator instead of nitrogen, you will have more flexibility with the plant or lab location of the analyzer.

Therefore, the elimination of hazardous chemical solvents, nitrogen, and trained chemists to run the sample testing makes the Vapor Pro® the optimal solution for Resin Manufacturers, Injection Molders, Extruders, and Medical Device Manufacturers (Bioresins).
Computrac® Vapor Pro® Moisture Specific Analyzer
ASTM D7191-10: Standard Test Method for Determination of Moisture in Plastics by RH Sensor

Computrac® MAX® 4000XL Moisture/Solids Analyzer
ASTM D6980-12: Standard Test Method for Determination of Moisture in Plastics by Loss in Weight

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