Friday, July 27, 2012

Pelletized biomass testing made easy

Pelletized biomass is all the rage these days. These little pellets seem to offer the promise of a consistent, renewable energy source that is easy to store, transport and use.
Two of the most important properties of pellet fuels are the moisture content, and inorganic ash content. The Pellet Fuel Institute (PFI) standards require that for even the lowest commercial grade of pellets, the moisture content cannot exceed 10% and the inorganic ash content cannot exceed 6%. This means that great care must be taken when choosing and drying feedstocks for pellitization. Testing for moisture and ash can be a time consuming process. The ASTM standard test methods can take upwards of 4 hours and require an oven, a furnace, and a mass balance to run. The Computrac MAX 5000XL can generate equivalent data in about 30 minutes. With one sample and a minimal amount of fuss you gen get moisture and ash results in less than an hour.  Contact us to find out how your process can benefit.

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