Friday, July 8, 2011

GREEN alternative to Karl Fischer titration

The Computrac Vapor Pro series of Moisture Analyzers uses a relative humidity sensor-based technology and correlates to the Karl Fischer coulometric titration method (with an oven attachment) in precision and accuracy.  The analyzers do not utilize reagents, minimizing consumables, and is simple to operate.

Computrac Vapor Pro series heats a sample of test material in a septum bottle.  Evolved volatiles are passed to an analysis cell where the moisture content of flowing gas is measured.  A microprocessor integrates the vaying moisture signal and convers the signal to micrograms of water for display.  Results are available in parts per million, percent moisture, or total micrograms of water.

Arizona Instrument's prediction algorithm automatically terminates the test in just minutes when sufficient information is collected to allow accurate determination of the sample's moisture content.  The heating range of the Vapor Pro series is 25°C to 275°C.  Test parameters such as sample size, heater temperature and test ending criteria can be altered to optimize speed and accuracy.

Computrac Vapor Pro Moisture Specific Analyzer
Computrac Vapor Pro Rx Moisture Specific Analyzer (Pharmaceuticals)
Computrac Vapor Pro Fx Moisture Specific Analyzer (Oils)

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