Friday, July 23, 2010

AZI is back from IFT!

AZI returned home from IFT 2010 in Chicago this week! The show was amazing this year, and we couldn't be happier about the turnout!

The show was memorable from start to finish, as we discovered Transformers III was being filmed across the street from our hotel for the duration of our stay. Kris joked that he originally thought the city was such a dangerous place until he realized the sirens and odd sounds were coming from the set across the street.

IFT 2010 had an incredible turnout, along with success of businesses around us. Many vendors brought so much food, that we were constantly eating throughout the day! It was hard not to!

We were able to catch up with existing customers, and in some cases meet them for the first time after doing business together for so long; we met some new customers as well. All were great and I think everyone had a good time at the show!

We are already looking forward to IFT 2011!

Shari Moore, Marketing Manager

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